Donald Trump

Trump's campaign starting to smell like victory

Tue 20 Sep 9

Seems as though no one wants to hear it but Donald Trump is probably going to win the US election. 

Outlook 2017: New battlegrounds emerging. Photo: Tinaz Karbhari

Order paper: A year of living dangerously

Fri 9 Sep

It’s always nice to know the prime minister reads your columns, even if it is just to say how wrong you are.

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan

Editor's Insight: Pain for Turkey’s ruling party after surprising election

Mon 8 Jun 2

Most election results don’t matter to the world. Turkey’s election does.

NZ Ambassador to the US Mike Moore on The Nation

RAW DATA: Moore & Liddell on US midterms

Sun 2 Nov

RAW DATA: The Nation transcript: Lisa Owen interviews NZ Ambassador to the US Mike Moore and Chris Liddell about the US midterm elections.


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