Big Man on Campus (or at least two of them): Bill English

Two university campuses vote blue

Wed 27 Sep 17

PLUS: Electoral Commission releases booth-by-booth data, allowing you to see how people in your neighbourhood voted.

EMA Northern chief executive Kim Campbell says the appetite for RMA change is strong

The EMA's election wishes

Thu 6 Jul

The business lobby group outlines 10 policy recommendations in its 2017 election manifesto.

An open letter to angry America

Fri 3 Feb 6

Sometimes the structural imbalances go your way, and sometimes they don't: Better figure out who makes the scales.

Deplorables rising: US democracy down, NZ rides high

Fri 27 Jan

A number of factors (five, to be precise) resulted in democracy rising and falling across the world in 2016.

Andrew Little with his new no-glasses look

Hooton: election will be the most vicious and bizarre yet


Opposition politicians having observed the success of Donald Trump’s crude rhetoric, fake news and outright lies.

Foreign Affairs: Cleaning up the US election

Fri 27 Jan

The primary question settled in an election is which party will control the organ of Washington called “the White House.” 


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