Westpac senior economist Satish Rachhod says households earning under $30k a year "have become notably more upbeat."

Employment confidence steady, pay expectations and job security drop

Tue 16 Jan 1

Nervousness about earnings growth across most demographics and regions.

BusinessNZ chief executive Kirk Hope says business owners are concerned on how the industry-wide agreements will be structured.

Labour urged to provide more detail on Fair Pay Agreements

Mon 15 Jan 4

Business lobby group wants uncertainty lifted over planned pay-setting change.

Workplace Relations and Safety Minister Iain Lees-Galloway says it "was one of the Government’s top priorities for the first 100 days."

Minimum wage to rise to $16.50 by April 1, government says

Fri 22 Dec 13

The starting out and training hourly minimum wages for youth workers will increase to $13.20 from $12.60 an hour.

Stanford University lecturer and company adviser Tony Seba says car ownership will vanish.

Spending billions on roads will become money wasted, very quickly

Thu 23 Nov 27

Driverless electric vehicles will come faster than we think, visiting Stanford University lecturer says.

Jennifer Mills says employers should be open to enforceable undertaking

Increase in deals to avoid tough employment law penalties, lawyer claims

Mon 6 Nov

Cleaning up its employee act meant Caltex didn't face a migrant-hire ban.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern said last week unemployment was “stuck stubbornly at 5% when it should be below 4%”

Economists and Opposition pour cold water on PM’s plan for sub 4% unemployment

Fri 3 Nov 7

In the past 20 years, unemployment has only fallen below 4% in three years.


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