McKinsey energy export Occo Roelofsen

Editor’s Insight: Peak oil demand now within sight – McKinsey

Fri 15 Jul 3

McKinsey says world demand for oil as an energy source will stop rising as early as 2025. With special feature audio.

Energy Minister Simon Bridges

NZ again seeks to attract interest in oil exploration blocks

Mon 21 Mar

Energy Minister Simon Bridges announced Block Offer 2016 at the petroleum conference in Auckland.

Saudi oil minister Ali Al-Naimi

Analysis: An unimpressive Saudi/Russia oil production deal

Wed 17 Feb 2

The secret talks show just how unaligned OPEC members truly are.

Showdown at the ETS corral - part two

Thu 11 Feb 2

James Shaw and John Carnegie on the ETS review - part two. With special audio feature.

Business NZ manager of energy and environment John Carnegie, left, and Green party co-leader James Shaw

Showdown at the ETS corral - part one

Wed 10 Feb 3

James Shaw and John Carnegie go head-to-head on the ETS review. With special audio feature.

Gerberas grown at K&L Nurseries

Flower business blooms after EECA win

Tue 12 Jan 2

Nursery benefits from EECA Award win as new awards open


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