Sir Rob Fenwick urges more research on the state of natural productive ecosystems that support primary industries

Crown research must do more to save primary industries ecosystems

Mon 13 Nov 2

Opinion: The country has no climate strategy, no ocean strategy and no national strategy to protect productive soils.

Fonterra group environment manager Francesca Eggleton said "If we reduce production here, we could shift it offshore to less efficient producers and global emissions could go up"

Edging closer to agriculture's inclusion in emissions scheme

Mon 13 Nov 6

Rural NZ holds its breath as more details of the ETS changes trickle in.

Harte Research Institute executive director Larry McKinney said the full effects of the Gulf of Mexico oil deluge may not be known for 30 to 40 years

Sea life bounces back off Kaikoura coast

Mon 2 Oct

Heartland: The recovery in life on the seabed is faster than the ecologists had imagined, as it has been in other ecological disasters.

James Shaw and Bill English make for strange political bedfellows (photos: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

National-Greens deal won't happen but not because of principle

Tue 26 Sep 33

The Greens won't have a bar of any deal with National and the reasons are purely political.

Neil Walbran

Don't legislate Paris climate change commitments


Opinion: The COP21 climate change agreement is unlikely to be the final stage and political support is uncertain for costs that have no obvious benefit.

WATER TAX: The lack of detail is telling

Editorial: Emotion wins in Labour’s water tax

Fri 11 Aug

Symbolic gestures are no substitute for sound policies when it comes to the environment.


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