excise tax

MP has no evidence to back tobacco tax 'rort'

Fri 18 Jan 16

Andrew Williams wants government to look into excise tax "loophole".

Fag war heats up as cover-up law bites

Fri 20 Jul 16

British American Tobacco has joined Philip Morris in attacking anti-smoking regulations.

Spirits rising – at your checkout

Tue 30 Jun 2

From Wednesday, July 1, the government will raise the excise duty on all spirits by at least 2.8%.

The tax hike comes as the Law Commission is mulling its recommendations on raising the excise tax further in a report due at the end of the year.

The Law Commission appears to be using as its base for policy recommendations a controversial study into the social costs of alcohol undertaken by Wellington economics group Berl for ACC and the Ministry of Health.

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