Professor Andrew Baum says Facebook, with its reams of data and access to capital, could become a mortgage lender

Facebook as a mortgage lender? The new digital future


Facebook could become the go-to place to get a mortgage, a new report on technology’s power to transform the real estate industry claims.

Mitchell McClenaghan - one of several Black Caps who play in the IPL, which drafts players from around the world (photo: Antonina Elliott)

Facebook bids $840m for Indian cricket rights

Tue 5 Sep 10

New media players continue to wind up their interest in sports.

Craigs Investment Partners analyst Stephen Ridgewell slashed his valuation by 21% to $4.30

Trade Me faces an Amazonian threat

Thu 10 Aug 1

Trade Me should take pre-emptive action now.

Finance Minister Steven Joyce says "The proposals target these multinationals" (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Does New Zealand go far enough in cracking down on multinational tax evasion?

Fri 4 Aug 1

Reader poll result: Those sneaky multinationals...

Frontier Economics associate Richard Feasey said "the technological innovation we're concerned with is a process called network virtualisation"

Telcos face competition from Facebook, Google for failure to innovate, expert says

Fri 21 Jul

Infrastructure owners play a minor, if any, part in the creation of new service.

Simon Lendrum thinks progress is no excuse for moral bankruptcy

Silicon Valley’s morality escape clause

Tue 4 Jul

Opinion: Uber needs to learn from the past.


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