Mark Zuckerberg has chosen to forget that online privacy and anonymity are the most important dynamics of this new digital space

The short con is part of the long con


Foreign Affairs: Big lies aren't threatened by truth — they're only threatened by more effective lies.

Snake: MIA

Spark pulls promo from Facebook following privacy breach

Thu 16 Nov

About 1500 people had registered to play Snake.

A writeoff on a mountain of unsold Spectacles contributed to a Snap tripling its quarterly loss to $US442m

Twitter doubles character limit, Snap triples loss

Wed 8 Nov 3

It's all change at Twitter and Snapchat as they vie for second place behind Facebook.

Paul Manafort is pleading not guilty

Special indictments for Trump campaign staff

Tue 31 Oct 2

Trump's Beltway: Also, Trump prepares for Asia trip and China visit and Groser fires at White House.

Media consultant Michael J Wolf says the internet giants are all fighting for people's time

Six trends that will change the future of media

Mon 30 Oct

Editor's Insight: US media expert Michael J Wolf outlines who is making the running and where.

Justice Robert Dobson is unfamiliar with Facebook

High Court judge gets Facebook news primer in media merger hearing

Tue 17 Oct 2

David Goddard, QC, showed the video after he argued media companies are in a Faustian pact with social media platforms.


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