Facebook and Google are news collators, not producers.

NZME and Fairfax’s appeal: will they win? Part II


Part two of a three-part Q&A series examining the merger that refuses to die asks: isn't online competition enough?

US President Donald Trump was expected to speak about trade and global ideas at Davos meeting.

Trump's Beltway: Davos prepares to hear all about 'America First'

Fri 26 Jan 1

Also, social media gets its watchers and Trump softens on NAFTA.

Justice Robert Dobson backed the Commerce Commission's decision to turn down a proposed merger of NZME and Fairfax NZ.

Court finds Facebook and Google different to news producers

Wed 20 Dec 1

As part of their appeal, Stuff and NZME talked up the two websites' influence on their businesses.

This is Jacqueline Rowarth's final column.

Social media reverse effort-reward equation

Mon 4 Dec 3

Opinion: How to get out of the social media rat race.

Vocus NZ consumer division head Taryn Hamilton says Sky TV is trying to censor the internet.

Sky TV names services it wants Spark, Vodafone, 2degrees and Vocus to block

Wed 29 Nov 22

Vocus hits back as war of words erupts over draft injunction. RAW DATA: Read the draft injunction

Mark Zuckerberg has chosen to forget that online privacy and anonymity are the most important dynamics of this new digital space

The short con is part of the long con


Foreign Affairs: Big lies aren't threatened by truth — they're only threatened by more effective lies.


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