Auckland deputy mayor Bill Cashmore says "the big thing we need is certainty about delivering those projects on the 30-year plan”

'Politically brave' decisions coming on Auckland's major transport projects

Tue 27 Jun 9

NBR View's Susan Wood talks to Auckland's deputy mayor Bill Cashmore on financing, transport and moving the port. Click on the headline for the full video and story.

NZ financial system sound, still faces housing, dairy and bank funding risks

Wed 31 May

In today's financial stability report, the Reserve Bank said it will shortly release a consultation paper proposing that DTI ratio restrictions be added to its toolkit.

Turners expects finance and insurance businesses to fire this year

Tue 30 May

Turners buries the Dorchester brand.

Financial advisers taking on fewer clients, with more money

Mon 27 Mar 7

The FMA's annual review of the sector comes ahead of law changes.

ACT leader David Seymour

P2P lenders at odds over David Seymour's rejected 'credit fee' changes

Thu 23 Mar 9

Legislative changes shut down. ACT leader argues fintech stifled, a p2p lender 'totally disagrees.'

Treasury secretary Gabriel Makhlouf

Government ekes out six-month surplus as consumption drives up GST take

Thu 16 Feb

 The tax take has been rising in an economy which is outpacing many of New Zealand's trading partners.


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