Century 21 national manager Geoff Barnett says "When banks are finalising their lending assessment on a specific property, some buyers are then told they no longer meet the lending criteria"

Pre-approved home buyers being knocked back by banks' increasingly cautious lending

Tue 17 Oct 6

A new wave of lending caution from the country’s banks and financial institutions is affecting some settlements.

NZSA chief executive Michael Midgley said “It appears the company has paid a substantial underwriting fee when there has been no risk”

Turners shareholders plan to sell in disgust at capital raising: NZSA

Fri 15 Sep 8

Unanswered questions: Why the rush to placement, why the deep discount, why pay for underwriting?

Turners chief executive Todd Hunter says at least 75% of the proceeds will be used to fund the company’s finance book

Turners expects much faster profit growth this year

Wed 13 Sep

No satisfactory explanation of the rush to a placement.

PGG Wrightson chief executive Mark Dewdney has no intention of setting up another finance company

PGG Wrightson dips its toes into the finance business again

Wed 9 Aug

No intention of setting up another finance company.

Auckland deputy mayor Bill Cashmore says "the big thing we need is certainty about delivering those projects on the 30-year plan”

'Politically brave' decisions coming on Auckland's major transport projects

Tue 27 Jun 9

NBR View's Susan Wood talks to Auckland's deputy mayor Bill Cashmore on financing, transport and moving the port. Click on the headline for the full video and story.

NZ financial system sound, still faces housing, dairy and bank funding risks

Wed 31 May

In today's financial stability report, the Reserve Bank said it will shortly release a consultation paper proposing that DTI ratio restrictions be added to its toolkit.


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