Gareth Morgan

Morgan: could put a cat among the pigeons, so to speak

Gareth, interrupting

Wed 1 Feb 34

UPDATED: Morgan's Opportunities Party confirms it will field a candidate in Mt Albert; a Trump-esque new slogan is unveilled.

Order Paper: Politics and the 'C' Word

Fri 27 Jan

“Charismatic” is not praise. In a democracy, it should be one of the worst swear words imaginable

Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan

Gareth's tax grab: poll shows what NBR readers think of it

Fri 9 Dec 34

In essence, it is an asset or wealth tax?

Gareth Morgan (Photo: RNZ)

Wealthiest 20% including John Key would pay more under Morgan's tax plan

Wed 7 Dec 73

The new tax would immediately take out excess demand for property, Mr Morgan says.

Opportunities Party leader Gareth Morgan

Nothing new: Morgan regurgitates policy on equity tax

Wed 7 Dec 24

People could be taxed for owning the house they live in or even for an expensive car.

Sir Bob Jones

Jones on Everything: Act of God prompts job application

Fri 25 Nov

The stupendous 7.8 earthquake, terrifying to be sure albeit not nearly as scary as the Trump abomination, at least turned our minds away from that ghastliness. 


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