Gareth Morgan

David Seymour

Gareth Morgan's sizeable donations to his own party revealed

Thu 25 May 6

ACT leader David Seymour gives him a serve.

The Opportunities Party's Gareth Morgan

Opportunities Party smokes political rivals in poll

Mon 22 May 7

Mr Morgan's pot policy proves more popular than his previous impersonation of the typical Twitter user.

Nats and Labour’s position ‘untenable’ as rivals come to pot party

Fri 19 May 18

'We need a clear cannabis law reform timeline from this election forward,' Drug Foundation head says.

New Zealand Drug Foundation executive director Ross Bell

Gareth Morgan isn't blowing smoke on cannabis reform – Drug Foundation

Thu 18 May 9

Opportunity Party's position on pot welcomed by charitable organisation.

Bob Jones Unedited: The Messiah Cometh – Gareth Morgan's Party


What next for Gareth, post-election debacle?

Opinion: The Messiah Cometh – Gareth Morgan’s Party

Fri 7 Apr

What next for Gareth, post-election debacle?


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