Property Council chief executive Connal Townsend

Property beats agriculture as the backbone of the country

Thu 11 May 8

Property beats agriculture and health as the biggest single industry, a new report says. NBR Radio’s Grant Walker talks to Property Council chief Connal Townsend

Dr Rosie Bosworth

ROSIE BOSWORTH on why New Zealand is becoming the Detroit of agriculture


Agritech futurist Dr Rosie Bosworth joins Andrew Patterson on this week’s episode of Sunday Business.

Editor's Insight: World's greenest people, Germany's fading Greens and GDP's flaws

Fri 28 Apr

Living in poverty and under authoritarian regimes is a good start to reducing one’s environmental footprint.

The private sector’s aspirational goal to boost NZ’s GDP

Fri 21 Apr 9

A group of business leaders are leading initiatives to grow the economy through innovation. NBR View's Susan Wood talks to Rod Drury.

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Regional GDP: the fastest growing & the wealthiest per capita

Sat 1 Apr 3

The latest rankings from Statistics NZ.

NZ dollar sinks back to 70USc after US GDP gains vs euro

Fri 31 Mar

Speculation the European Central Bank won't soon unwind its policy of providing extraordinary stimulus to the regional economic bloc weakened the euro.


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