Geoff Loudon

Geoff Loudon marks the end of Friday trading on Nasdaq

Kiwi rings Nasdaq bell

Mon 7 Mar 3

New Zealand businessman and mining investor Geoff Loudon has done what few other Kiwis have done. With video.

revolutionary: Deep-sea mining robots

Historic moment for Kiwi at the forefront of deep-sea mining

Fri 4 Mar

New Zealand businessman and mining investor Geoff Loudon has a memorable day ahead.


John Proust: NZEC still needs a further $12m

Geoff Loudon swoops on NZ Energy Corp in gas deal

Thu 1 Aug 1

The deal for a half-share will help get Toronto-based NZEC out of a financial hole.

L&M Energy's Loudon exceeds 80% acceptance in takeover offer

Tue 11 Dec

It needs to reach 90% to declare the offer unconditional.

L&M Energy chairman makes takeover bid for oil and gas explorer

Tue 23 Oct

Geoff Loudon makes full takeover bid for the Wellington-based oil and gas explorer at a 45% premium to its last trading price.

L&M Coal Seam Gas confirms reserves at Ohai

Wed 14 Oct

L&M Coal Seam Gas Limited (LMCSG) has announced initial coal seam reserves at its Ohai permit, north of Invercargill.

In a statement, the company said it had booked 173 petajoules (PJ) of 3P gas reserves at the Ohau permit PEP 38220.

Company chief executive Kent Anson said it was investigating a number of contract options for the resource.

He said he would not want to put a figure on the resource, but North Island pricing ranged from $7 to $8 a gigajoule and up to $40 a gigajoule at the retail end.

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