George Kerr

Pyne Gould Corp managing director George Kerr

UPDATE: PGC mulls Supreme Court appeal on Torchlight ruling

Wed 3 May 1

Appeal Court rules in favour of John Grill, one of Australia's richest men, in $37 million loan fee case.


Rich Lister’s lawsuit slammed as ‘outrageous’

Fri 31 Mar

Fresh from giving evidence in the Cayman Islands, Crown Asset Management chairman Gary Traveller says a lawsuit filed against the taxpayer-owned company by NBR Rich Lister George Kerr is “completely outrageous.”

Wilaci argues $A33.6m sought from PGC was not a penalty fee

Wed 5 Oct

Justice Kos questioned why George Kerr had not taken a loan elsewhere.

NBR Rich Lister George Kerr

NBR Rich Lister can enforce mortgagee sale of ex-employee's house: Court

Tue 9 Aug 2

 $5 million Remuera home can be sold to recover debt.

Pyne Gould Corporation chairman George Kerr

Progress for PGC at Q’town subdivision

Fri 5 Aug

Sections sell as lawyers negotiate over plan change appeal.

Perpetual Guardian owner Andrew Barnes

IPO not preferred option, says Perpetual Guardian

Wed 3 Aug 20

Float will crystallise payment to Pyne Gould Corp. With special feature audio.


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