George Kerr

NBR Rich Lister George Kerr controls PGC

Pyne Gould turns to annual loss on Wilaci payment

Wed 30 Aug 2

It is still owed $17.7 million from its sale of Perpetual Trust to Complectus.

Torchlight managing director George Kerr said the loan was to help the company through "a very tight liquidity situation"

Supreme Court dismisses Torchlight's right to appeal

Mon 17 Jul 5

The loan was due to be repaid by October 26, 2012, a deadline that was missed.

Torchlight chairman George Kerr wrote to the private equity fund’s investors on May 19

Torchlight takes litigation hit

Thu 13 Jul 1

PGC yet to disclose provision by its Cayman private equity fund.  

Kerr seeks Supreme Court appeal of $33m order

Thu 8 Jun

Wealthy investors battle on over huge Torchlight loan fee.


Pyne Gould Corp managing director George Kerr

UPDATE: PGC mulls Supreme Court appeal on Torchlight ruling

Wed 3 May 1

Appeal Court rules in favour of John Grill, one of Australia's richest men, in $37 million loan fee case.


Rich Lister’s lawsuit slammed as ‘outrageous’

Fri 31 Mar

Fresh from giving evidence in the Cayman Islands, Crown Asset Management chairman Gary Traveller says a lawsuit filed against the taxpayer-owned company by NBR Rich Lister George Kerr is “completely outrageous.”


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