Gerry Brownlee

Two down, how many more to go? PM Bill English considers his options

Strong steer for English on minister most deserving of demotion

Fri 16 Dec 1

With Foss and McCully already having fallen on their swords, which cabinet minister do readers believe should get the chop: Brownlee, Smith or Upston? With readers' poll result.

Hidesight: Kaikoura should fear government’s help

Fri 2 Dec

One big lesson quake-damaged Kaikoura and Wellington need to learn following the Christchurch experience: best that government bugger off. Fast.

GERRY BROWNLEE: Tightlipped acting Civil Defence minister

Questions remain over Kaikoura quakes

Fri 25 Nov

The biggest lesson to come out of the Kaikoura Quakes may be that New Zealand still has much to learn.

Acting Civil Defence Minister Gerry Brownlee (RNZ)

Brownlee unloads on GeoNet

Tue 22 Nov 4

Responding to an NBR ONLINE poll on GeoNet funding the acting Civil Defence Minister calls quake-monitoring agency a “deep disappointment to the government.”

New defence plan creates clear opportunities for NZ industry

Thu 17 Nov 1

"Defence cannot do its job without the support of industry and suppliers."

Cabinet reshuffle needed soon

Fri 23 Sep

Remember Kate Wilkinson and Phil Heatley?  Don’t worry, neither does anyone else.


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