The classic film 'Treasure of the Sierra Madre' plumbs the prospective pitfalls of unbridled gold fever

Gold fever subsides slightly on rights issue reveal

Mon 4 Sep 3

Shoeshine: Gold rush fever has been running high on the online stock trading forum Sharetrader in recent months.

A nickel mining operation

Metal commodities trigger global growth spurt

Thu 24 Aug 4

Editor's Insight: Demand for base metals is an important gauge of economic health, as they are used to make everything from aircraft to smartphones.

The Sams Creek Gold Project

ASX-listed Sams Creek Gold owners sell to newly incorporated Condamine Resources

Mon 3 Jul 2

MOD has been looking to sell its holding in Sams Creek since January 2016.

Kiwi falls to 5-month low v yen from demand for Japan's safe-haven currency

Wed 12 Apr

North Korea stepped up its anti-US rhetoric and American Secretary of State Rex Tillerson arrived in Moscow for talks on the standoff over Syria.

The year ahead: Central banks to lose sway over world markets

Holiday Review 4

Investors can expect economic performance to take over as the primary source of asset growth.

James Rickards

Editor’s Insight: Why money is still only as good as gold

Wed 13 Apr 3

The indestructible metal plays a key role in world's money system. With special feature audio.


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