Goodman Fielder

Upstream chief executive Ruth Appleby says its test can detect imminent heart attack before tissue damage occurs

Diagnostics: The ‘new black’ of biotech

Fri 13 Oct 2

New Zealand research has found three new tools for diagnosing heart attacks, prostate cancer and infectious diseases.

Sir Patrick Goodman died on Saturday

Obituary: 'Pat the Baker from Motueka’

Mon 11 Sep

Sir Patrick Goodman, who died on Saturday, built Australasia’s biggest food company

Palmerston North gets the pies in Goodman Fielder rejig that will shutter two South Auckland factories

Thu 8 Jun 11

Deane said the new owners have invested $80m in the New Zealand business since 2015 and has another $150m of investment planned.

Heartland: ComCom shackles penalise Fonterra

Fri 11 Mar

The Commerce Commission has reviewed the state of competition in the dairy industry and concluded there is not enough to warrant removal of the Dairy Industry Restructuring Act (DIRA) regulations.


George Kerr

Curtain falls on a year of winners and losers on the NZX

Fri 18 Dec

You could say 2015 was a year that promised much but failed to deliver.

Fonterra CEO Theo Spierings (Tinaz Karbhari)

Fonterra's rivals tell review there is insufficient competition for dairy industry deregulation

Tue 14 Jul

In submissions to the Commerce Commission, rival processors either want the status quo or the regulations tightened.


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