Paul Brislen says Google's claim it can't abide NZ court rulings has raised eyebrows.

Google vs the court system of New Zealand

Wed 23 May 33

Opinion: A Google spokesman says that while Google New Zealand is bound by New Zealand laws, Google LLC is not.

Google chief executive Sundar Pichai demos the new AI tech.

Google demos AI making life-like phone call to book hair appointment

Wed 9 May 2

Video of an upgraded voice technology is jaw-dropping – at least in demo.

Facebook chief executive Mark Zuckerberg during a recent appearance before the US Congress.

Facebook pays Aussie taxman $A31m in back taxes

Tue 1 May 6

Under pressure from lawmakers and tax collectors, Facebook and Google change strategy in Australia and New Zealand.

Pie Funds founder and chief executive Mike Taylor says sustainable innovation and technology are changing the world.

New Pie fund to focus on ‘climate friendly’ stocks

Thu 26 Apr 7

New 'Climate Friendly' fund will invest in listed companies. Watch Hamish Coleman-Ross's interview with Mike Taylor.

NZ online advertising hit $923m in 2017

Fri 30 Mar 1

It seems 2017 was a year when meat-and-potatoes online ad options like search and directories prospered, while trendier new options struggled.

Michael Farr, chief executive of investment management firm Farr, Miller & Washington, says Facebook could have responded to the news better.

Tech stocks rebound as Amazon overtakes Alphabet-Google, Facebook slumps

Wed 21 Mar 2

Updated: Facebook falls another 2.6% as its use of data raised possibility of government intervention.


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