Straker Translations founder, CEO and major shareholder Grant Straker

Straker buys Eurotext, talks IPO

Wed 12 Oct

PLUS: How the Auckland-based Straker can manage $20m revenue despite competition from the free Google Translate.

Oi, stop smiling

Netflix tax kicks in

Sat 1 Oct 19

The Netflix tax kicks in, but with a notable hold out.

Nadia Cook

CAANZ: Staying ahead in the digital age

Fri 9 Sep

The world is in the middle of a technological revolution. People are living in a global community where they expect everything in an instant – whether it’s transport, accommodation or ordering McDonalds.

CALLING A SPADE A ***ING SHOVEL: US advertising veteran Bob Hoffman

Dispelling ad land’s ‘digital delusion’

Fri 2 Sep

“My job this afternoon is to make you uncomfortable,” US advertising veteran Bob Hoffman said at the start of his presentation at a TVNZ event this week.

US Treasury Secretary Jack Lew

EU’s $NZ21b Apple tax slice will have wide effect

Thu 1 Sep 14

The US government's complaint the EU is setting itself up as a 'supranational tax authority' goes to the heart of the OECD's crackdown on multinational tax minimisation. With special feature audio and video.


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