Mark Zuckerberg has chosen to forget that online privacy and anonymity are the most important dynamics of this new digital space

The short con is part of the long con


Foreign Affairs: Big lies aren't threatened by truth — they're only threatened by more effective lies.

Google's Nest cameras are legal, but only if you follow the rules

As Google releases its security cams here, Privacy Commissioner rules on neighbour vs neighbour case

Thu 2 Nov

The rules around cameras in the home, and in the workplace.

Media consultant Michael J Wolf says the internet giants are all fighting for people's time

Six trends that will change the future of media

Mon 30 Oct

Editor's Insight: US media expert Michael J Wolf outlines who is making the running and where.

Cert head Rob Pope

NZ, Aussie govt agencies encourage people to install ad blockers

Mon 16 Oct 8

Now their adoption could become even more entrenched in the mainstream.

US Defence Secretary Jim Mattis weighs in on North Korea and the Iran nuclear deal

Trump's Beltway: US flexes muscles on North Korea and Iran

Tue 10 Oct

Also, US trade representative told to 'get aggressive' and Russia probe calls Facebook/Google to the stand.

Google's Pixel Buds

Google’s new ear buds offer real-time translation

Thu 5 Oct 2

A useful tool for business travellers. Plus: Google’s new squeezable phone, its latest laptop and its camera that uses AI to take photos on autopilot.


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