RYF QUAIL: The implication for New Zealand retail is enormous

Amazon in Australia – ‘Every retailer is freaking out’

Fri 21 Apr

US online retailer Amazon plans to dominate New Zealand's nearest neighbour. Don't think it will stop there, observers say.

Batten down – the digital ad storm is coming

Fri 21 Apr

Advertising might be getting more fluid but the effect of the digital world on traditional media and marketing channels is already profound. That's only going to intensify in the coming years.

Google Hire sneaking up on Seek, TradeMe Jobs

Tue 18 Apr 2

No launch date yet for Google online recruitment tool.

Trump's Beltway: More intelligence leaks as new nominations trickle in

Tue 11 Apr

Also, Russia investigation continues and new trade order could be coming.

Feel the Google

Google uses home page to sell Star Wars: Rogue One to Kiwis

Fri 24 Mar

Search giant goes on the front-foot with content. The Force is strong with this one.

The real threat of online anonymity isn't Russian hacking – part two

Sun 12 Mar

Detecting hypocrisy is 100% the play of the rube. Go ahead and yell indignantly as you continue to be fleeced.


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