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Media watch: Four letters that drive ‘em crazy


Should the sins of the son be visited on his Rich Lister father?

Nikolas Delegat (Photo: ODT)

Media watch: Four letters that drive ‘em crazy

Fri 23 Sep

The word ‘rich’ is a collective roar to rally the ideological troops in news reporting.

Celia Wade-Brown

In tray: Celia Wade-In

Fri 9 Sep

Fresh from offering what some have described as surprisingly withering assessments of the seven candidates for her old mayoral position, the capital’s outgoing CEO gives a few more snap judgments on others in the public eye.

NBR Rich List 2016: Wealth creation booms with new record

Fri 29 Jul

The National Business Review 2016 Rich List provides an insight into how the super wealthy made their fortune, how they spend it and, in increasing cases, how they gift it.

Carter Holt loses bid to toss out huge leaky schools suit

Fri 29 Jul

Carter Holt Harvey has lost its final bid to throw out a claim that it's liable for the cost of fixing about 890 leaky schools.

Craig Heatley

NBR RICH LIST 2016: Three decades of wealth - The NBR Rich List turns 30

Fri 29 Jul 11

If it “has done nothing else, NBR’s annual Rich List has put the topic of wealth squarely in the ladies’ knitting circle, the works canteen and the rugby club, whether the patrons like it or not.” With special feature audio.


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