Green Party

PAST TENSE: Kiwis' typically dour and downbeat outlook was a whining tinnitus which sounded behind almost all discussions about the future

Order Paper: Poised for the 2020s: three different visions for a tricky election

Fri 12 May

Three definite strands or themes dominate Election 2017. 

Order Paper: Banishing bogies and pre-election

Fri 5 May

Elections are about a lot of things but entwined in those things are matters of trust, confidence and affinity with the people running for election.

Winston Peters (RNZ)

Roy Morgan poll finds National neck and neck with Labour-Greens

Fri 28 Apr 19

Winston Peters in familiar king-making spot.

Parliament’s Speaker David Carter

Private Bin

Fri 28 Apr

“Life is important to all New Zealanders,” a Conservative Party press release solemnly and sonorously proclaimed this week.

Green co-leader James Shaw

The Greens' far, far less crazy power policy


A Labour/Green Government in 2014 would have been a disaster. In 2017, far less so.

Greens co-leader James Shaw

The Green Party’s power play

Thu 20 Apr 4

The Green Party has unveiled its plans to provide “cheaper and cleaner” electricity.


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