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Back in front (Photo: Jerry Yelich - O'Connor)

Poll reversal puts National back in front

Wed 20 Sep 14

Latest poll comes after a week with Labour leader Jacinda Arden on the back foot over spending and tax policies.

Shaw slams Peters over inconsistent spending plans

Tue 19 Sep 13

“Unless [NZ First] can demonstrate how it intends to pay for [its policies], then they’re not going to make it into the budget,” Mr Shaw says.

Bill English on Q+A

English raises prospect of slaughtered cows, depopulated cities

Sun 17 Sep 39

PLUS: Greens and NZ First clash over CGA, climate tax.

Labour leader Jacinda Ardern – could govern with the Greens

Latest poll twist has Labour back in front

Thu 14 Sep 8

Two polls, two very different messages.

DairyNZ's Tim Mackle predicts high costs from Labour's taxes

Labour's farming taxes would balloon farming costs, DairyNZ

Wed 13 Sep 52

The three taxes mooted by Labour and the Greens would push farming costs up tens of thousands.

Greens leader James Shaw's takes the biscuit for wild promises (photo: Rob Hosking)

Greens' bottom line scores zero chance

Wed 30 Aug 20

Hidesight: The 100-days promise of a zero carbon law also means the Greens throwing away their hitherto strident opposition to urgency.


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