Green Party

REGRESSIVE: In practice the New Zealand Left is about as progressive as driving around in a Trekka these days

Order Paper: Culture wars and the demoralisation of New Zealand's progressives


A weird and somewhat desperate attempt to fan the fires of a local version of the American culture wars is under way.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Embarrassing but strategic deal for the Greens

Wed 15 Feb 7

It's being called another "dirty deal," but the Green Party decision to help Greg O'Connor win Ohariu is a sensible and pragmatic move

Reserve Bank governor Graeme Wheeler

RBNZ: Why calls to change the monetary policy settings are wrong

Tue 14 Feb 12

Monetary policy settings and how the Reserve Bank goes about its job in this area are under contention again.

Election 2017: Tricky balancing acts required

Fri 3 Feb


Leadership is, as it always is, the overriding election issue this year – and both the alternatives for prime minister have some awkward balancing acts to perform between now and polling day.


Prime Minister Bill English

Election 2017: Open economy vs closed, English names the date

Wed 1 Feb 8

'Labour's now quite happy hugging the Greens. Something's changed and it's not the Greens' – Prime Minister Bill English.

Labour-Green speeches: Plenty of sizzle but where's the steak?

Mon 30 Jan 15

The absence of substance seems to be part of a threefold, somewhat contradictory,  strategy. And what about Winston?


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