Mark Hotchin

Hanover co-founders recover $300,000 loan to embattled lawyer

Mon 30 May 4

FAI Money lent $300,000 to Edward Errol Johnston for a Waitakere property in late 2009.

Mark Hotchin

Can Hanover investors sue for Hotchin’s newfound liability?

Thu 17 Mar 1

Investor class action mulled but multiple limitations.

Mark Hotchin

Hotchin cleared to pursue Guardian but will have to admit liability

Tue 15 Mar 11

In a remarkable turnaround, Mr Hotchin says he will prove the prospectus had ‘untrue statements.'

STEPPING DOWN: 31,500 people retired and the number of employed rose 1.3%

Job market boom – even the drop in participation could have upside

Fri 5 Feb

Like a bolt from the summer blue, the latest job market figures have surprised even the economic optimists.


Eric Watson: Upped his stake as part of a capital raising

Hotchin and Watson back in business together

Thu 21 Jan

A trust associated with Mark Hotchin has emerged as a 10.2% shareholder in an American company spearheaded by his Hanover co-founder Eric Watson.


Hanover investors to get first cash payment in six years

Fri 6 Nov 2

Deloitte will make the first distribution "in the coming days" with the process running to schedule.


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