Helen Clark

Private Bin: Paintergate Trumped

Fri 24 Feb

Heading off to the Mt Albert by-election this Saturday, Labour candidate Jacinda Ardern put up, at a fundraising auction, an artwork involving the electorate's most famous former MP, Helen Clark, mounted on a representation of the kiwi with a laser eye that somebody submitted as a flag design for last year's referendum, facing down US president Donald Trump, mounted on a dinosaur.

Helen Clark (TV3)

Helen Clark shortlisted to lead $5 billion aid fund

Thu 16 Feb 8

The New York Times reports Ms Clark is on the list with three other finalists from a list of nine

John Key

On The Other Hand: Here we go: the Key choices and consequences

Fri 9 Dec

John Key’s legacy will be dominated by one good decision and one bad one. The counter-factuals for those decisions show why.

John Key

A media trainer muses on Key, Clark and the nightmare prospect of NZ under Bennett

Tue 6 Dec 4

I once had the opportunity of giving a few pointers to John Key on his interviewee performance.

NICK LEGGETT: The former Labour mayor plans to run for National

Labour now in crisis

Fri 2 Dec

Labour is close to revealing the maximum life expectancy for a major political party in New Zealand.

Former Prime Minister Jim Bolger

Order Paper: MMP’s anniversary: time to take stock

Fri 14 Oct

MMP effectively locked in the policy settings of 1993.



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