Imagine Cup

Auckland Uni students are worldwide Imagine Cup champs

Fri 9 Jul 9

A team of engineering students from Auckland University has made New Zealand history, taking third place at the worldwide finals of the 2010 Microsoft Imagine Cup competition for their project to improve education in poverty-stricken regions.

Airwaves technology software a winner for Auckland students

Mon 3 May

It took a team of local university students five months to develop software to send educational data to the most remote areas globally via radio waves and to win the national 2010 Microsoft Imagine Cup.

Team OneBeep from the University of Auckland, took the national title following a 15-minute presentation from four finalist teams before a seven-judge panel on Friday evening at the University of Auckland business school.

Microsoft's Imagine Cup finalists announced

Wed 9 Dec

Imagine a world where technology solves the globe's toughest problems, was the challenge Microsoft set for students around New Zealand this year.

The challenge was to solve a global issue such as poverty or illiteracy through technology. The reward is the winning team gets to travel to Poland next year to take part in the international Microsoft Imagine Cup.

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