Craigs analyst Grant Swanepoel says Mercury still has "plenty of headroom for a continuation of investing down the rabbit hole."

Is Mercury tilting at windmills?

Mon 25 Jun

Analysis: Is paying a premium for a minority stake ever justified?

The head of wealth research at Craigs Investment Partners says company results so far have been strong.

Company results, budget numbers confirm economy's strength

Mon 21 May

Retail sales and migration figures will provide the latest update.

Chief executive Marko Bogoievski says Trustpower boosted earnings.

Infratil optimistic despite $5.6m profit fall

Thu 17 May

Shares in the infrastructure investor rise on the result.

RetireAustralia chief executive Alison Quinn says all residents will be able to access care by 2020.

How RetireAustralia is retrofitting care into its retirement villages

Thu 12 Apr

Rebuilding trust after a financial practices scandal.

Longroad chief executive Paul Gaynor has found ways around President Trump's roadblocks.

When a corporate tax cut means a headache

Thu 12 Apr 1

The impact of Donald Trump's moves on the renewable energy company two Kiwi entities have invested in.

Vocus NZ chief executive Mark Callander

Vocus NZ sale: private equity player named

Thu 8 Mar 1

New Vocus chiefs may shake up the shortlist for New Zealand asset buyers – and that may let Spark in.


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