International Monetary Fund

On the money: China tightens tentacles on near neighbours

Fri 19 Aug

The Middle Kingdom is deploying centuries-old tactics.


Economically speaking: Study debunks inequality myth

Fri 3 Jun

Danish economists show economic growth not redistribution is best way to reduce income disparities

German Finance Minister Wolfgang Schäuble

Editor’s Insight: Currency manipulators and the ‘walking dead’

Tue 1 Mar

The G-20 finance ministers' summit points fingers at China, Germany. With special audio feature.

Editorial: China, TPP lead major events of 2015

Fri 11 Dec

The most significant economic event of the year was the realisation China is no longer providing the world economy with the growth experienced over the past decade.

IMF managing director Christine Lagarde

IMF sets timeline for Chinese yuan as a world reserve currency

Thu 20 Aug 8

The five-year review of global currency basket has been extended for a year.

International Monetary Fund (IMF) chief Christine Lagarde

Editor's Insight: Five questions remain after Chinese devaluation

Mon 17 Aug

The yuan's future value will be dictated by its entry into the IMF's world currency basket.


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