International Monetary Fund

Editor's Insight: How US plays piper on IMF switch on trade protectionism

Wed 26 Apr

The world fund will now “work to promote a level playing field in international trade and taxation” rather than resist restrictive practices.

Editorial: Rising economies stave off political shocks

Fri 21 Apr

If instability upsets financial markets, then the UK has delivered in spades.

Nick Smith

Private Bin: NZX spin

Fri 17 Mar

The International Monetary Fund, delivering its biannual report on the New Zealand economy, repeated previous comments that the New Zealand dollar is still overvalued but not as badly as before.

NOT OVERLY OPTIMISTIC: The International Monetary Fund’s Thomas Helbling

Strong cyclical growth masks the economy’s underlying weaknesses

Fri 10 Mar

“Economies like New Zealand’s don't change overnight – at least not in a good way,” the International Monetary Fund’s Thomas Helbling told a media briefing in Wellington this week.

Capital gains tax, debt-to-income ratios among IMF's policy prescriptions for NZ

Tue 7 Mar

The IMF's outlook for New Zealand's economy was favourable but household debt remained high and was a risk to financial stability.

A MATTER OF WHEN, NOT IF?: Aftermath, an award-winning 2008 telemovie by Gibson Group, dramatised the effects of a major earthquake on Wellington

NZ’s financial buffers withstand battering... but

Fri 25 Nov

The Kaikoura Quakes and their aftermath have provided yet again a reminder of New Zealand’s vulnerabilities.


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