NZ Super Fund’s net profit shrinks to a shadow of last year as tax bill swells

Thu 6 Oct 14

The taxman got the lion’s share of the NZ Superannuation Fund’s earnings this year, even though it was a relatively poor year.

Deloitte New Zealand tax partner Greg Haddon

Trustpower tax ruling: Government needs to act to clarify law for other firms

Thu 28 Jul

The government may have to fix up a gap in tax law to make it clearer what firms embarking on large feasibility studies can and cannot claim as deductible expenses. With special feature audio.

Russell investment capital market insights managing director Tim Noonan

Investors go through nine market cycles throughout their lifetime, Russell research shows

Wed 29 Jul

The world is presently going through a difficult market recovery, but investors won't know it's complete until the US Federal Reserve and other central banks start lifting interest rates, Tim Noonan said.

Graeme Hart (3News)

Billion dollar Japanese investment as Hart sells down Carter Holt

Sat 26 Apr

One of the largest single Japanese investments in the NZ economy is on as our richest man makes a move.


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