Budget 2017: Is a tax utopia nearly upon us?

Wed 24 May 2

This new system will mean greater scrutiny.

IRD begins talks on shrinking workforce by nearly a third

Wed 10 May 2

The PSA says it's unhappy with some parts of the IRD's restructuring plan.

On the money: Errors swell in land transactions


Inland Revenue admits one in 20 property deals have incorrect tax numbers.

Intelligent SMEs: Changes loom for SME provisional tax

Fri 24 Mar

New changes to provisional tax payments will increase ease-of-business for New Zealand's smallest companies.

Tauber & Webb's Honk loses bid to allow management fees avoiding $368k of tax

Fri 17 Mar

The Court of Appeal last week dismissed Honk's application to overturn a ruling that the payment was contrived to avoid paying tax in 2005.

Microsoft chief executive Satya Nadella

Inland Revenue audits Microsoft NZ over transfer pricing

Tue 17 Jan 9

The company is being audited over transfer pricing, a practice that can be used by multinationals to minimise tax


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