Central Plains Water sees more years of losses

Fri 29 Sep 1

The losses are driven by depreciation on irrigation.

WATER TAX: The lack of detail is telling

Editorial: Emotion wins in Labour’s water tax

Fri 11 Aug

Symbolic gestures are no substitute for sound policies when it comes to the environment.

Katie Milne is the first woman national president of Federated Farmers

Put the trust back in farming, new Fed Farmers president says

Thu 29 Jun 1

Farmers need to counter-balance flak over environmental concerns.

Irrigation NZ ceo Andrew Curtis says constant blaming of dairy for our water woes is an over-simplification of cause and effect

Opinion: Freshwater — How did we become so divided?

Tue 27 Jun 5

Instead of pointing the finger, we need to work together to support the farming industry to get better.

The business case for irrigation

Fri 8 Jul

Irrigation is not just a question of economic growth, increased farm incomes, more jobs and wealth creation. It is about the future of world food production.

Irrigation NZ chief executive Andrew Curtis

Irritated Irrigation NZ rejects call for five-year ban on new water schemes

Tue 15 Mar 20

The most recent estimate of the value of irrigated farms was a 2012 study which found they contributed $2.7 billion to the farmgate.


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