TeamTalk to Spark: We might sell assets

Fri 24 Mar

Team Talk says it's had offers for its Farmside ISP.

TeamTalk shares surge as it trades insults with Spark over takeover bid

Thu 23 Mar 12

Spark says Grant Samuel's valuation is "patently absurd;" TeamTalk says Spark's offer is "woefully inadequate."

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin

Internet service firms hard to contact and difficult to swap

Wed 3 Feb 21

Vodafone and Spark need to smarten up act.

WISE GUY: IDC’s Peter Wise argues buying 2Degrees would probably be a highly leveraged deal ‘and the margins in the market are thin at the moment’

ISP and telco deals to come

Fri 2 Oct

The little fish keep getting eaten by bigger fish, who in turn become prey themselves.

Jonathan Brewer

New Zealand ISP market share - third quarter, 2015

Fri 11 Sep 5

Jonathan Brewer on the state of New Zealand’s Internet Service Provider market as at Q3 2015.

Microsoft NZ marketing director Frazer Scott

Digital Island Windows 10 upgrades are congesting UFB; other ISPs say yeah, nah

Tue 11 Aug 2

Microsoft wonders if it's a bit of an attempt at an upsell.


Chris Keall talks about the Windows 10 update on NBR Radio and on demand on MyNBR Radio.


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