AgriHQ analyst Reece Brick said "NZ frozen beef exports to Japan have fallen away as expected"

Frozen beef exports to Japan slump after tariff hike

Tue 17 Oct

Little frozen product will be traded into Japan from New Zealand until the temporary tariff is lifted in April, analyst says.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe is betting on a weak opposition

Japan's Abe gambles on a second snap election

Thu 28 Sep

Editor's Insight: The government's popularity plunged because of scandals earlier this year but has since risen due to a recovering economy and Korean tensions.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe has called a snap election

Kiwi gains vs euro, falls vs yen

Tue 26 Sep

The yen strengthened in a flight to safety over Korean tensions.

Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe called North Korea's missile test an "outrageous action"

NZ dollar recovers vs yen, greenback

Wed 30 Aug

North Korea fears are ebbing.

JPMorgan gives Shinzo Abe 60% chance of retaining power

Japan's political upheavals could spell end to Abenomics

Tue 1 Aug

A series of ministerial scandals and allegations of cronyism have plunged the government's popularity to a tipping point.

Japanese trade negotiator Kazuyoshi Umemoto is a former ambassador to Italy

Japan hosts three-day meeting to advance TPP-11 trade pact

Wed 12 Jul

The US is sidelined as Japan makes deal with EU and pushes agenda for biggest Asia-Pacific free-trade agreement. 


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