Jenny Shipley

Seniors Money is chaired by former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley

Struggling finance firm rewards directors

Wed 24 Aug 9

Chief executive paid $1.6 million, as firm clocks up millions in losses.

Dame Jenny Shipley

Losses mount for company chaired by former PM

Tue 23 Aug 7

Reverse mortgage company bleeds red ink while auditor notes uncertainty over investor repayments.

Former Prime Minister Jenny Shipley

Shipley backs Key’s charge to China

Thu 16 Jun 5

The former Prime Minister shares her thoughts on the government’s efforts to expand trade with China.

TODD McCLAY: There still needs to be more work on technical barriers to trade

Doing business in china: Is NZ up to the $12 billion China challenge?

Fri 10 Jun

Few would disagree the free-trade deal reached between New Zealand and China in 2008 was groundbreaking.

Key responsible for trust shemozzle

Fri 6 May

The prime minister would be better off doing the things he tells people he will do

Dame Jenny Shipley

Mainzeal liquidators reject claims totalling $16.7 million

Thu 31 Mar 4

The liquidator says his team has reviewed 1223 of the more than 1400 claims from creditors owed $153 million.


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