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Sky TV chief executive John Fellet (Tinaz Kharbari for NBR)

Sky hikes Fanpass pricing, narrows options

Fri 5 May 32

Move on the eve of the Lions tour and America's Cup shocks sports fans. UPDATED: Spark's Simon Moutter weighs in with both fists. 

Brendan Lindsay

Hunter's Corner: The low profile of high achievement

Fri 23 Dec

Some people who could really bolster our faith in human nature quietly slip under the media’s radar.

Sky TV takes media outlets to court over use of rugby video footage

Thu 17 Nov

Big difference between short duration video clips being used for news coverage and illegal live streaming of entire matches - Kevin Kenrick. 

Sky TV CEO John Fellet (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Sky TV AGM takes on a valedictory tone

Fri 21 Oct

Chief executive John Fellet expresses confidence in the company's future, reflects on highs and lows of past 25 years.

JOHN FELLET: The Sky boss notes Facebook has its own commercial ambitions for streaming video

Can Sky win its battle against the Parker pirates?

Fri 14 Oct

Live sport was always supposed to be Sky TV’s firewall against piracy.

Sky TV CEO John Fellet

Sky issues formal complaints to Fairfax, NZME over Olympic rights row coverage

Fri 2 Sep

Pay TV operator will take matter to Press Council if “satisfactory responses” not received by day’s end.


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