John Key

Former PM John Key was unsuccessful in trying to change the flag.

Troublesome referendums cause more problems than they solve

Mon 9 Apr 9

Opinion: The Dutch Parliament is expected to scrap a law adopted just three years ago that allows consultative referendums.

How hard will James Shaw and his party push Labour and New Zealand First on transparency? (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Greens' moral stance may come back to bite them

Thu 8 Mar 4

Opinion: Ministers and government agencies should be told bluntly they are required to obey the law on OIA releases. Plus NBR Readers poll result on corporate hospitality.

Steven Joyce's line is basically that National won the last election thanks to his strategy. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Nats risk picking a Goff as leader

Fri 23 Feb 13

Opinion: Tuesday’s vote will ignite several years of National Party civil war.

Bill English saw no future in continuing his already long career in politics.

What National needs in a new leader


Opinon: Who will make the best National leader?

Then Prime Minister Helen Clark said "We must all be prepared to think outside our own squares.” (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Let’s have a summit – and make it work

Thu 25 Jan 16

Opinion: A former cabinet minister outlines a case for deciding on a future economic path and ways to achieve it.

Sir Peter Gluckman may have been chief science adviser, but why not advisers in other areas?

Past contains lessons for the future

Fri 22 Dec

Opinion: Why not a chief business adviser?


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