John Key

Sir John Key will join the board in October

Former PM John Key tapped to take over as ANZ New Zealand chair

Wed 18 Oct 15

Sir John's appointment is his second high-profile position since leaving Parliament.

Under Bill English, National gained more percentage of the party vote than in 2008 (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Who likes MMP now?


For those of us who think elections should be about policy, not politics, MMP presents a special kind of purgatory.

The way Andrew Little gracefully stepped aside demonstrated both his party loyalty and lack of vainglory (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

The yeah, nah election

Fri 22 Sep 13

Labour is offering the style of radical change and the substance of little change: National is doing the opposite.

Spare a thought for James Shaw's speech writers (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

The lighter side of the election campaign (Pt II)

Wed 20 Sep

Political Roundup: To what extent can we take contemporary satire as insightful commentary on the election campaign?

Former Foreign Minister Murray McCully has yet to comment on why MFAT's statement is so at odds with his previous pronouncements

Mfat reply proves McCully 'should have been hounded out' of office

Fri 15 Sep 30

Lies, damned lies and the former foreign minister.

Sarah Palin was found lacking; will that apply to Jacinda Ardern too?

Is Jacinda Ardern our Sarah Palin?

Fri 15 Sep 60

Weekly Hit: The wheels have come off Jacindamania with the new Labour leader unable to give meaningful answers on anything.


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