John Key

JOHN KEY: ‘This is the way I see it for 2017: National has a really good track record to campaign on and I think we can be immensely proud of what we have achieved’

Key slips into soothing mode as fourth term bid approaches

Fri 28 Oct

“Reassurance” is a word that pops up several times during a 35-minute interview with Prime Minister John Key.

A tough tap to turn off

Fri 28 Oct

Cutting immigration will be enormously difficult.

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell

Current retirement age should be pensioned off – poll

Fri 28 Oct 1

Position of participating NBR readers the exact opposite of respondents in recent Retirement Commission survey.

John Key (RNZ)

Order Paper: Political entropy versus rejuvenation


Should John Key ‘retire’ some of his cabinet in favour of ambitious backbenchers?

Key on Hobson's Pledge group: 'NZ is in a different place now'

Thu 27 Oct 17

“By definition, if you take what Don Brash is saying, it leads you more down the sort of rhetoric you've seen in the Trump/Clinton US election" – Key  

Key on further RMA reform: 'ask me after the 2017 election'

Wed 26 Oct 2

The batch of RMA changes going through Parliament will not fix all the problems – Key 


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