Judith Collins

Energy and Resources Minister Judith Collins

Collins releases terms of reference on fuel price study

Fri 24 Feb 7

Fuel margins have more than doubled over the past five years.

Editor’s Insight: Energy watchdog puts heat on more renewables, power efficiency

Wed 22 Feb 2

A five-yearly review finds room for improvement in reducing dependence on fossil fuels for transport and agriculture.

IEA executive director Fatir Birol (Photo: Anthony Beinart-Smollan)

Punters bet on higher prices as expert calls end to era of cheap oil

Wed 22 Feb

Wall Street's long oil positions are the highest since records began in 2011 as others question the future of Opec production cuts.

Energy Minister Judith Collins (Photo: Anthony Beinart-Smollan)

OECD's energy agency calls for more renewables in transport, farming

Tue 21 Feb

Energy Minister Judith Collins agrees with an IEA proposal for the Productivity Commission to review the efficiency of the electricity sector.

Petrol inquiry plays politics with the market

Fri 17 Feb

A review of fuel prices will soothe consumer concerns but achieve little else

Energy & Resources Minister Judith Collins (RNZ)

Hunter's Corner: Petrol inquiry plays politics with the market


With her Vulcan mind meld powers, Judith Collins has reached into the Kiwi psyche and quickly divined our animal suspicion of fuel prices.


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