The Kindle Paperwhite

Amazon unveils Kindle with a lit screen

Sat 8 Sep 5

Four new Kindles - but so far the juiciest models and free services are US-only. With VIDEO.

The Nexus Q - an Apple TV style device for streaming internet content to a TV

Google unveils $250 Android tablet, Apple TV-style sphere

Thu 28 Jun 6

PLUS: A Kiwi developer on the total domination of Kindle Fire | Google's rival to Apple TV 

Kindle Fire

Kindle Fire singes iPad sales

Tue 6 Dec 10

Amazon’s tablet is the first to inflict serious damage on Apple’s monolithic market share.

Kindle Fire

Amazon's tablet half price of iPad - but Kiwis marginalised

Thu 29 Sep 9

Amazon looks to make money through selling content. UPDATED:  An NZ digital publishing guru deconstructs Amazon's "buying time" strategy.


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