Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell

Stop calling KiwiSaver suspension a 'holiday' – retirement commissioner

Fri 9 Dec

Stopping contributions for five years has a significant impact.

Retirement Commissioner Diane Maxwell

KiwiSaver needs to change: Retirement Commissioner

Thu 8 Dec 7

The Commission for Financial Capability is changing its approach after a 99-page tome was largely ignored last year. With special feature audio.

Jones on Everything: Off with their heads

Fri 11 Nov

Just as 1848 is labelled the year of revolt for its liberating uprisings across Europe, future historians will likely record 2016 as the year of barbarism. Obviously Trumpism is a stand-out feature but Middle East and African Islamic loathsomeness, Duterte’s Pol Potism in the Philippines, the North Korean ball of lard’s outrages; the list goes on and on. 

Vanguard launches cluster-free fund for KiwiSavers

Fri 28 Oct

KiwiSaver provider Simplicity says it will shift all its international shares investment to a new ethical fund announced by fund manager Vanguard today.


Investors have power to change the world

Fri 28 Oct

KiwiSaver is getting a new cluster bomb-free fund option but why should ethics be an absent-minded add-on to the deployment of financial power?


Margin call: Why balanced funds are failing

Fri 28 Oct

Correlations between asset classes often markedly increase in times of financial crisis – just when you need them most.



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