NZ Initiative's Eric Crampton says the shorter work week isn't for every company.

Re-thinking the four-day workweek experiment

Fri 9 Feb 1

What it means to work fewer hours and how the idea sits with business as an ecosystem.

Westpac's Michael Gordon says it's taken longer than usual to unwind GFC damage.

Jobless rate 'could still go lower' than nine-year record

Wed 7 Feb

"The real question is how low can the figure go?", asks economist Michael Gordon.

National's Todd McClay wants to see the CPTPP text before signing.

Should government open CPTPP text before National signs it?

Tue 30 Jan 4

Poll Result: Readers weigh in on National's request for complete transparency on CPTPP changes before signing up.

Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern says NZ's suicide rate is "shameful." (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Labour sets terms of reference for mental health inquiry

Tue 23 Jan 6

Ministerial inquiry given subpoena powers. 

BusinessNZ chief executive Kirk Hope says business owners are concerned on how the industry-wide agreements will be structured.

Labour urged to provide more detail on Fair Pay Agreements

Mon 15 Jan 6

Business lobby group wants uncertainty lifted over planned pay-setting change.

Federated Farmers vice-president Andrew Hoggard says giving volunteers experience isn't payment.

Farmers urged to pay backpackers regular rates after Robinwood Farm ruling

Fri 12 Jan 16

The ERA found Robinwood Farms breached worker rights. 


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