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John Tamihere says there is a need to “actually target Māori problems, with Māori solutions.”

Labour’s changing approach to Maori inequality

Fri 25 May 13

Political Roundup: How to deal with Maori inequality and deprivation.

Winston Peters apparently cannot forgive nor forget. (Photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Politics a matter of principle, pragmatism or compromise

Thu 17 May 3

Analysis: Waka jumping legislation is about compromise, not principle.

Finance Minister Grant Robertson seeks to put well-being at the centre of his future budgets.

Budgeting for aspirations and wellbeing


Opinion: None of the government’s 100-day initiatives have been supported by a convincing cost-benefit analysis.

New MPs Kieran McAnulty and Nicola Willis both have big dreams.

New MPs say Parliament not as partisan as some think

Fri 4 May 1

Kieran McAnulty says he does not know what the country would be like if he were prime minister. Watch Grant Walker's interview with the new MPs.

Labour deputy leader Kelvin Davis is not fronting up.

Six months of government – the verdicts are in

Mon 30 Apr 28

Political Roundup: Journalists weigh in on the Coalition's performance.

Mayor Phil Goff was rubbing his hands with delight after Auckland Council took the government's money for transport projects. (Photo: Tinaz Karbhari)

Auckland Council cheers on $28b transport deal; votes for 11.5c fuel tax

Mon 30 Apr 19

Some councillors worried the public will confuse the council fuel tax with a government excise tax on fuel.


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