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NZ POLITICS DAILY: Housing boost – significant but underwhelming

Wed 17 May

National has made an important U-turn in announcing a major state-led housing build programme for Auckland.

Spin and bulldust on housing

Wed 17 May 13

A clumsy, nervous government and soundbite policy from the opposition marks the housing debate.

NZ POLITICS DAILY: Labour’s focus on housing and immigration

Mon 15 May 4

Labour is the party of housing and anti-immigration for the 2017 general election.

Jug half full?: Little at Labour's Congress in Wellington

Labour confirms move against negative gearing

Sun 14 May 44

Investors would no longer be able to use tax losses on properties to offset tax on other income.

Little on The Nation

Little confirms Labour would cut 'tens of thousands' of immigrants – and picks on students

Sat 13 May 28

Also addresses charter school mess with Willie Jackson, promises move against negative gearing.

Weekly Hit: Labour likes its Maori dumb and docile


The desire to exercise self-determination and even sovereignty is perfectly understandable in the context of a Maori experience of colonisation.


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