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Metiria Turei is attempting a political U-turn mid-leap over the ravine between party of protest and party of government

Mid-air U-turns and a slow-motion re-run of 2014 election

Mon 24 Jul

The new strategy of the Greens seems like a slow-motion re-run of 2014 – and a negation of everything the party has tried to do over he past 18 months. 

“It’s organised around five main priorities,” education spokesman Chris Hipkins says

How Labour plans to spend the $4b it’s earmarked for education

Fri 21 Jul 3

“It’s organised around five main priorities,” education spokesman Chris Hipkins says.

Sir John Key wasted his eight years as prime minister

Blame Sir John Key for braindead campaign

Fri 21 Jul 24

Opinion: A decade of Sir John Key’s clowning around has come at an enormous cost – financial as well as ideological.

The interviewer Kim Hill and NZ First leader in a classic clash from yesteryear

Buncombe and barrel bottoms


Private Bin: NBR’s weekly round-up of the absurd, ironic and straight-up stupid.

Prime Minister Bill English should bite the bullet and side with NZ First, NBR readers say (photo: Jerry Yelich - O'Connor)

English should be laying out the red carpet for Peters

Thu 20 Jul 1

Reader Poll result: Should National ally with NZ First, if that's what it takes to keep power?

Labour's Grant Robertson has some interesting numbers and some even more interesting gaps (photo: Rob Hosking)

Labour's alt-budget: long on the alternative, short on the budget

Wed 19 Jul 3

Labour's numbers will need to firm up to be credible. 


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