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Initiative matters: Dry thoughts on wet stuff

Fri 24 Mar

The quota management system for fisheries provides the perfect model for other shared resources such as water.

Dairy industry must learn to share its toys or get put in the naughty corner


Commercial water users need to own up to the impact they are having on our fresh water, and start making some concessions.

Gary Taylor: welcome news

Govt sides with Land and Water Forum on key policy decisions

Wed 10 Jul 1

Local communities will be given the option of using collaborative processes to determine regional freshwater allocation and policies.

Govt pools bureaucrats to finalise water policy

Mon 19 Nov 6

A 40-strong Water Reform Directorate has been formed in the Ministry for the Environment to respond to last week's report of the four-year experiment in consensus policy-making, the Land and Water Forum.

Freshwater report 'once-in-generation' chance to settle water rights

Thu 15 Nov 2

Major water users are from this month required to start accurately recording their consumption.

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