Capital Letter: ‘Loyal to what?’: the role of parliamentary opposition

Thu 11 May

The Leader of the Opposition has a constitutional role to call government to account.

Capital Letter: Top UK court emphasises fairness has no part to play in reversing unjust enrichments

Wed 3 May 1

A UK Supreme Court judgment may have echoes here as lawyers mull its ruling on unjust enrichment.


Briefcase: Property developers' big problem, the big issues in the Little case

Wed 12 Apr

Numerous lawyers have seen fit to enter the development fray themselves with mixed results.

United Airlines offers you a look into your broken soul

Holiday Review 2

Sixteen years ago, belief in God on aircraft killed thousands of Americans. This week belief in God beat a man and dragged him off an aircraft. Plus ça change, plus c'est la même ...

Judge holds decision on Little defamation, clears him on others

Mon 10 Apr 14

The jury had found Mr Little did defame Earl Hagaman on one occasion.


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