Capital Letter: Another ‘procedural quagmire’ and justice in the Family Court

Thu 9 Feb

High Court judge Justice Paul Heath is particularly outspoken in his views.

Supreme Court slams leaky home law as 'tortuous quagmire,' rules in favour of Whangarei homeowner

Thu 22 Dec

The Supreme Court bench said interpreting the act too narrowly risked people with leaky homes falling into procedural traps, which would not be in line with the purpose of the act.

Pitfalls lie in sharing a home

Fri 16 Dec

Multigenerational living arrangements create legal complications

Briefcase: The strong case of sour milk, Partner profits and The death of a tweeter who was not Donald Trump

Tue 13 Dec 1

It may take a well-worded letter from a lawyer well away from the Fonterra fray

Capital letter: Brexit: Here come the lawyers

Tue 8 Nov

The judgment presents substantial challenges to the UK government, not all of which are answerable by its “leapfrog” appeal


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