Loizos Michaels

Briefcase: Passing lawyers …  Poaching from Russell McVeagh  … Love Story, the Movie

Mon 17 Oct

A Love-lost tale, plus the big Aussie legal downturn.

Capital Letter: Appeal Court rules against anti-fluoridation campaigners

Wed 5 Oct 11

On the water fluoridation issue, rather than making a nationwide stand, New Zealand passes the parcel.

Jordan Furlong

Briefcase: The nine ways law practice will change, the Brangelina split and the Craig case

Fri 23 Sep 1

 'Fear' is the wrong description. Challenge is better.

Capital Letter: Prisoner disenfranchisement – inconsistent with Bill of Rights

Tue 4 Aug 1

Many, if not most, court cases invoking the NZ Bill of Rights Act 1990 involve those on the wrong side of the criminal law.

Law Society president Chris Moore

Sweeping new tax information rules are 'unlawful search and seizure'

Tue 9 Dec 2

Changes to how Inland Revenue shares information with Police have lawyers up in arms.


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