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Buddle Findlay partner John Glengarry

Clearer rule from Supreme Court as Lacoste loses trade mark decision

Fri 24 Feb 1

Supreme Court sides with Singapore company over crocodile trade mark instead of Lacoste.

Jail sentences for corruption ‘too light’

Fri 24 Feb

Murray Noone and Stephen Borlase were each sentenced to at least five years in prison after being found guilty of corruption. Includes poll result.

Sharon and Stephen Coomey (photo: Campbell Gibson)

ANZ’s alleged ‘negligence’ will be focus in interest rate swaps case

Tue 21 Feb

A Taranaki farming couple’s case against ANZ will be different from the last such case, lawyer says.

Simpson Grierson partner Earl Gray

Speedo wins controversial trade mark case against Brooks

Mon 20 Feb

Top IP lawyer says Brooks could be infringing on Speedo’s brand.

Farmers taking ANZ to task for interest rate swaps

Fri 17 Feb 2

First farmers won just a “moral victory” but second say their case is different.

Fullers accuses Explore and Goodfellow of disobeying a judge

Thu 16 Feb

William Goodfellow says he is “surprised” by the accusation.


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