Motoring writer and safety campaigner Clive Matthew-Wilson

NZTA investigates Auckland-to-Wellington driver but lets Uber off the hook

Thu 27 Apr 16

Lawyer disagrees, saying Uber could be held responsible and fined. PLUS: Motoring writer defends driver.

Stacey Shortall

Lawfuel names its lawyer of the year

Wed 30 Dec

Minter Ellison partner takes the gong.

"Don't forget to gift a happy Xmas finger to all the haters :)" - Dotcom's Christmas message on Twitter

Dotcom faces up to 90 years in prison if convicted

Thu 24 Dec 44

A strong motivation to appeal his extradition. PLUS: Judge highlights cash incentive payments to repeat infringers.

Kim Dotcom, whom earlier this month re-located from his $30 million rented mansion in Coatesville to a $10 million penthouse on Auckland's Viaduct

Dotcom extradition decision delivered today

Wed 23 Dec 4

But don't expect the giant German to squeeze on to the next plane to the US if the decision goes against him. His options are greater than most people think.

Lawrence Lessig

Harvard law professor and US presidential candidate backs Dotcom

Thu 17 Sep 12

With RAW DATA: Lawrence Lessig's affidavit.


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