Leaky homes

Wellington lawyer Dan Parker expects leaky homes case will cost $1-2 million.

More leaky home owners take a punt on self-funded case against James Hardie

Mon 5 Feb 1

Self-funded case of $30-40 million. 

Auckland Council civil litigation manager Helen Wild says it is "very conscious of the impact" of leaky homes

Auckland Council increases provisions for leaky home payouts

Thu 5 Oct 1

Auckland Council’s provision for active claims is now $165 million.

Lawyer Adina Thorn says the plaintiffs are happy with the High Court’s decision on their Auckland action

Two legal setbacks for James Hardie in two days over leaky home claims

Fri 1 Sep 1

James Hardie expected to appeal the interlocutory judgments as class action cases near. 

ADINA THORN: The rate of registrations by property owners is accelerating

Value of proposed Carter Holt Harvey class action soars

Fri 21 Jul

Faulty house cladding class action lawyer Adina Thorn is expecting to file a $100 million case against Carter Holt Harvey over Shadowclad.

Leaky homes barrister Michael Thornton

Time limitations clarified by appellate court in leaky homes claims

Wed 8 Feb 2

The leaky homes saga is nowhere near ending.

Supreme Court Justice Susan Glazebrook

Capital Letter: Supreme Court pulls owner from leaky home resolution quagmire

Thu 2 Feb 1

The Supreme Court noted the process for Ms Lee (often unrepresented) “has been tortuous and fraught with procedural difficulties.”


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