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Why we can't tell judge's secret

Tue 14 Sep 1

South Korean-born lawyer Joseph Dongwoo Kim will have another go at getting on the duty solicitor roster at Manukau district court – New Zealand’s busiest.

But how he is able to do this is a courtroom secret which the people who pay for it – the taxpayer – are not allowed to share.

Earlier this year, when 47 lawyers applied to get on the limited taxpayer-funded roster run by the Legal Services Agency (LSA), Mr Kim was one of 13 rejected.

Top ten legal aid lawyers revealed

Thu 2 Sep 8

More than $15 million of taxpayer money was dished out to the top ten legal aid providers in the year to June 30, new Legal Services Agency figures reveal.

The National Business Review has combed through 38 pages of lawyers and firms listed alphabetically to bring you this list.

Auckland barrister Charl Hirschfeld, who has worked on a number of Treaty of Waitangi claims, topped the list with more than $3.17 million.

Wellington law firm Rainey Collins was the next biggest legal aid recipient, earning $2.52 million during the year.

Taxpayer legal aid bill jumps by $26 million

Thu 2 Sep 4

The amount of taxpayer money going to legal aid providers jumped 19% in the year to June 30, new figures from the Legal Services Agency reveal.

The Legal Services Agency paid $161.7 million (GST exclusive) to legal aid providers, in the year, up from $136 million last year.

About 67,000 people accessed legal services from about 89,000 legal aid grants, a 5% increase on the previous year.

In total the agency received about 100,000 applications for legal aid during the year.

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