Shoe chain tips into receivership

Mon 29 May

Debt hasn't been determined yet.

Balex Marine, Snowball crowdfunder participant, sunk by high costs, slow sales

Wed 17 May 6

The failure is the first by a company that's used Snowball's platform to raise funds.

Regulatory repercussions in forex failure

Fri 21 Apr 6

Unlicensed dealer Forex Brokers collapses owing $15.5 million. 

'Slice of Heaven' studio Marmalade, former ad industry powerhouse, failed owing $183k

Thu 13 Apr 2

The liquidation brings the curtain down on one of New Zealand's most notable studios.

Intueri hires Grant Thornton to liquidate Australian assets after failing to find buyer

Thu 6 Apr 7

The company had hoped to be allowed to run the Australian institutions until the end of the year.

Pig farm on the hook for $6m

Fri 24 Mar

The twisted tales at Waikato pig farm Kaimai Pork include that it has faced animal cruelty charges and was run by an accountant who was previously found guilty of fraud.


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