Meridian Energy

Mixed blessings for Contact Energy from low southern hydro lakes

Wed 24 May

FNZC's detailed forecasts show Contact earning an average $49.40 per Megwatt hour for wholesale electricity in the current financial year.

CARL HANSEN: Errors and incorrect assumptions found

Heads should roll at the Electricity Authority

Fri 28 Apr

At the 11th hour, in the very week in which the Electricity Authority was scheduled to announce its final decision after eight years of reviewing transmission pricing, it has suddenly owned up to the fact that the cost-benefit analysis meant to underpin its decision is fatally flawed.

EA ditches transmission pricing cost-benefit analysis

Wed 26 Apr 4

Further flaws found in the Oakley Greenwood cost-benefit analysis

Meridian needs the rain to stop before benefiting from Tiwai deals

Thu 6 Apr 1

Wet weather is keeping wholesale electricity prices low.

Meridian seeks up to $150m in retail bond offer

Mon 6 Mar

The bonds will carry an annual interest rate of about 4.75-4.85% using the seven-year swap rate.


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