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Chairman Rodger Kerr-Newell said the company was flexible about what form the alternative generation might take

Windfarms shareholders back $17m Powerco deal

Tue 26 Sep

Biggest shareholder Vector the only holdout.  

Vector chief executive SImon Mackenzie is participating in a predictable, almost obligatory, ritual performance of complaining about regulation

Vector looks to technology for growth as regulated earnings fall

Mon 11 Sep 3

Shoeshine: Vector’s regular complaints against the impact of the Commerce Commission’s restraints could be viewed as a ritual performance.

Chairman Michael Stiassny said "The downward movements in our regulated networks' financial results may be small, but they are noticeable"

Vector underlying earnings flat in tilt from regulated business

Thu 24 Aug 1

It sees more of the same in 2018.

Tower chairman Michael Siassny says it "supports a prompt resolution of the matter"

Vero to appeal regulator's rejection of Tower takeover

Wed 23 Aug 2

Tower plans to file its own cross-appeal in coming weeks.

Chairman Michael Stiassny said "Tower and Vero are now assessing the reasons and considering next steps"

Suncorp hoisted by its own petard in ComCom decision

Tue 1 Aug 1

Regulator quotes insurer’s own 2014 submissions back at it in rejecting Tower takeover.

Tower chairman Michael Stiassny said the deadline is likely to be pushed out into July

Tower board backs increased Vero takeover

Tue 27 Jun 3

Tower's board held back from making a recommendation on the rival bids when Vero initially swooped in with an offer of $1.30 a share.


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