Microsoft profit up; sees firm outlook

Fri 24 Oct

Microsoft earned $US4.37 billion or $US0.48 a share for its quarter ended September 30, ahead of the $0.47 expected by analysts, and the $US0.46 it earned for the same period last year.

Revenue rose 9% to $US15.06 billion.

Microsoft CFO Chris Liddell attributes the steady quarter to the company's move beyond its core Windows and Office products. "In a challenging economic environmetn, the first quarter results exhibit the strength and diversity of our business model," Mr Liddell says.

Microsoft rush-releases emergency Windows patch

Fri 24 Oct 1

Microsoft rush-released a "critical" Windows patch at 6am today NZ time.

The emergency Windows update is designed to fix a security flaw that could be exploited by hackers to seize control of an internet-connected PC.

A Microsoft advisory says the flaw is critical for Windows XP and Windows Server 2003 users, but less so for Windows Vista and Windows Server 2008 customers.

Apple gets snooty with anti-Vista ads

Tue 21 Oct 26

Threatened? Moi? The previous good humuor of Apple's Mac Guy vs PC Guy ads goes out the window in two commercials released on the net today.

Microsoft CEO: it’s OK to skip Vista

Mon 20 Oct

Asked at a US analyst meeting whether Windows XP users should upgrade to Windows Vista, or wait for Windows 7, Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer replied: "If people want to wait, they certainly can”. Mr Ballmer was speaking at a technology conference in Florida hosted by Gartner, which is now archived as a webcast on the research company’s website.

Google soars on results, Yahoo on Microsoft comments

Fri 17 Oct

Google's shares have climbed 8% after hours on news the search giant is defying the slump. Yahoo zoomed 15% following comments by Microsoft CEO Steve Ballmer that his company acquiring Yahoo "would make economic sense".

For Q3, Google's profit rose 35% to 1.35 billion on revenue that was up 39% to $US5.54 billion.

However, the company has already put the brakes on, says CEO Eric Schmidt, as the global economy enters what he says is "uncharted territory".

Microsoft defends "Windows 7" moniker

Thu 16 Oct 4

A month ago, it looked like Microsoft was succeeding in its attempt to refashion its image. A series videos, starring company founder Bill Gates and Jerry Seinfeld, seemed initally obtuse, but ended up winning the hearts and minds of the chattering classes. It seemed Microsoft had "got it" with a post-modern, hip message for the media-saturated generation. Now, it's not only Apple that appreciates a little deadpan cool can go a long way.


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