Guest columnist: Microsoft ploy avoids ‘cloud’ data grab

Fri 5 Feb

The EU and the US have widely differing privacy policies

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Toy box: Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Fri 18 Dec

Microsoft’s Surface Pro is back, with version 4 of the company’s well received hybrid tablet device

Super-imposing holograms on your field of vision: Microsoft's prototype HoloLens

Microsoft makes a laptop — and US media drools

Thu 8 Oct 15

Microsoft regains its mojo with a slew of hip new Windows 10 products ... but forgets about New Zealand.

Google co-founder Larry Page. Pagefair says the search and ad syndication giant has done a "devil's deal" with Acceptable Advertising

AdBlock joins rival AdBlock Plus in Acceptable Advertising 'extortion' scheme

Sat 3 Oct 11

Sale of Adblock shines light on a shake-down.

NetSafe executive director Martin Cocker

Microsoft NZ and NetSafe issue warning about phone scammers

Mon 14 Sep 3

It's the scam that just won't die.


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