Mike Davies

Vodafone man joins 2degrees as CTO

Thu 6 Dec

New exec gave Telecom the bashing during XT outage.

Telecom’s XT partner hires its biggest critic

Thu 9 Sep

Alcatel Lucent, has hired one of its biggest critics - Mike Davies - as general manager, mobile, for its New Zealand operation.

The Franco-American company is Telecom’s XT technology partner. It helped supplied hardware for the mobile network, helped to engineer and plan it, and assists with upgrades and day-to-day operation.

There are around 800 Alcatel-Lucent staff in NZ, spread across offices in Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington and Christchurch.

Vodafone loses another exec

Tue 23 Mar 3

Vodafone NZ general manager of networks and strategy Mike Davies has resigned.

Mr Davies has been most recently in the news for his bid (including his BBQ talking points memo to Vodafone staff) to promote his company's network as more robust than XT. His explanatory efforts around the RNC debate proved particularly successful.

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