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Justice Minister Amy Adams says the Act needed a refresh (photo: Jerry Yelich-O'Connor)

Lawyers raise concerns as new trusts bill introduced

Wed 2 Aug

The bill is largely based on recommendations made by the Law Commission in 2013. 

National Cyber Policy Office director Paul Ash says the public needs confidence its data is safe

Why NZ is not rushing to copy Australian cyber breach notification laws

Tue 1 Aug 1

New Zealand officials are not yet convinced the Australian laws are the right way to go.

Kensington Swan partner Deborah Edmunds thinks an enormous expansion of the High Court's jurisdiction is likely

Government flooded by Maori marine title claims

Mon 26 Jun 1

A torrent of iwi and hapu applications for customary marine title is threatening to swamp government and court authorities.

Hidesight: Courts know nothing of price, value of everything


Pay equity decisions will be made in ignorance of any principle in economics. 

Justice Minister Amy Adams (Photo: Chris Keall)

Wheels of Justice Ministry not turning at all over legal complaints delays

Mon 9 May

An OIA response shows the LCRO has 233 pending cases that are more than two years old.


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