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Acting Kiwibank chairman Kevin Malloy says "Shareholders have taken a long term view on the money that the bank has got from them. It’s a fluid situation."

Kiwibank mum on capital return, dividends

Mon 4 Sep 4

Wholesale market has been sympathetic to Kiwibank’s capital woes.

Acting Kiwibank chairman Kevin Malloy says the CoreMod system won’t deliver what Kiwibank needs in future

Kiwibank may have to write even more off its failed IT project

Fri 1 Sep 8

Even before the write-off, Kiwibank's profits were falling.

Opinion: Kiwibank glosses over capital problem as profit falls

Thu 1 Jun

Climb in Kiwibank’s expenses accelerates

Argosy lifts distributable earnings as portfolio quality improves

Thu 25 May 1

Argosy reiterated that its net property income got a boost from the surrender of the lease by New Zealand Post for the top three floors of the building in Wellington.

Kiwibank’s capital problem is its tax liability – banking expert

Wed 12 Apr

Should Kiwibank be explaining what the problem is?

Kiwibank’s capital woes to cut NZ Post’s budget surplus contribution

Tue 11 Apr 8

Finance Minister Steven Joyce says ask the Reserve Bank who won’t answer questions


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