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Nicky Hager has settled with the police.

Police apologise to Nicky Hager for 'dirty politics'

Tue 12 Jun 5

Political Roundup: This is not just a win for Hager personally but also one for freedom of the press.

Nicky Hager's lawyer, Felix Geiringer, says changes are needed.

Nicky Hager settles – but major privacy changes needed, lawyer says

Tue 12 Jun 8

Nicky Hager settlement unearths major privacy breaches. Watch Grant Walker's interview with Felix Geiringer.

Denton Morrell's Auckland office was inspected by DIA agents on May 2.

DIA money laundering enforcement 'under-resourced,' experts say

Thu 7 Jun 5

Sweep of Auckland office follows reports of controversial Azerbaijan-tied financing.

Lieutenant General Tim Keating says the  “conduct of the NZSAS ground forces was exemplary."

The Hit & Run inquiry opens up a can of worms

Fri 13 Apr 1

Political Roundup: Not everyone is happy to see the New Zealand defence forces being made accountable for the SAS raid in Afghanistan.

Nicky Hager has condemned the document as being an “alternative version” of the Hit and Run story.

Defence cover-up starts to unravel

Thu 15 Mar 40

Political roundup: The New Zealand Defence Force admits Hit & Run was about the correct village.

Nicky Hager (TVNZ)

REPOST: Police, IRD and other agencies' rights over 'fishing expeditions' through your bank records

Mon 28 Aug 3

Lowndes Jordan partner Rick Shera unpacks the issues behind the controversial disclosure.


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