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Nicky Hager (TVNZ)

REPOST: Police, IRD and other agencies' rights over 'fishing expeditions' through your bank records

Mon 28 Aug 3

Lowndes Jordan partner Rick Shera unpacks the issues behind the controversial disclosure.

Media watch: News cycle tips the spin machine of Nicky Hager

Fri 7 Apr 2

The media times are changing, even if Nicky Hager’s song remains the same.

Nicky Hager: His claim allegations of war crimes will 'fester' is only correct if more evidence comes forward

Was English right to rule out a Hit & Run inquiry?

Wed 5 Apr 5

NBR poll participants weigh in.

No inquiry into Hit & Run – but it's not over yet

Tue 4 Apr 16

The prime minister is effectively inviting the Hager and Stephenson sources to come forward with their evidence. 

UPDATED: No inquiry needed over Hit & Run allegations, PM says

Mon 3 Apr 20

Hager ‘surprised and disappointed’ by PM ruling out Hit & Run inquiry.

Political Week: Gareth Morgan's cunning plan, Hit & Run turns runny

Mon 3 Apr 10

This may be Gareth Morgan's master plan: if you’re looking for the angry, the bile-drenched, the know-it-alls, Twitter is a pretty good place to cast your hook.


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